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DESCRIPTION: “FLOWTECH” offer Float & Board Type Tank Level gauge (indicator) suitable for large non – pressurized liquid storage tanks / vessels. This gauge is also applicable to cone roof, float roof, floating roof, under grand tanks etc. The Specific Gravity of the fluid should be more than 0.6(Free Flow) This level gauge wonks on the principle of buoyancy. The whole unit consist of two types of parts. Viz wetted parts & Non-wetted parts. Wetted parts are those which come in contact with the liquid e.g. Float anchor plan float guide wire etc while. Non- etted parts are the one which do not come in contact with the liquid e.g. Float wire, Mountain Breakets indicator pulley pulley hosing scale, indicator etc. The Float is available in different material S.S.304 / S.S.316/P.P./Teflon etc. In this level gauge, the float is design as per the specific gravity of the liquid, floating on the liquid levels. This float connected to a pointer through Rope via a Sets of Pulleys, The pointer slides over a CM marked Board, Installed Parallel to the tank. For more than 5 metre height of the tank we provide two guide wires firmly anchored to the tank bottom. So that horizontal movement of the float is restricted. MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION: • Float : S.S.316 / S.S.304 / Poly Propylene • Float Wire & Float Guide Wire : S.S.316 / Poly Propylene • Pulley & Pulley Pin : M.S. / S.S.304 • Pulley Housing : Aluminium / S.S.304 / S.S.316 die Cast weather Proof Enclosure of Weather Proof • Board (Scale) : Aluminium with Powder Coated having 150 mm Width & White Back Ground & Black writing at every 10CM and Red Marking at Every Meter. • Anchor Plate : M.S / S.S.304 / S.S.316 • Scale Bracket (T) : M.S. / S.S.304 • Pointer : M.S / S.S.304 with PP Roller for Frictionless Sliding On Board. • Available : From 1 Metre to 20 Metre

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