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Reflex Level Indicator When the light strikes the area of glass covered by the liquid it is allowed to pass to the Interior of the gauge so that the area appears dark (Black). While the light strikes the open space, above the liquid level it is reflected back to the observer so that the area appears silver-white. We can clearly see the actual liquid level in the systems. FLOWTECH Instrument offers Reflex Level Gauge for the Measurement of liquid level at a glance in tank particularly for High pressure, High Temperature or Toxic Liquid Storage Tanks in the industries like petrochemicals, fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals & Chemical industries. These gauges have a prism glass window that uses the basic optical principles of light refraction & reflection to enhance the indication of the liquid level. Specifications of the Flowtech Reflex Level Indicator: • Type: Reflex / Transparent • Visibility: Full Visibility / Partial Visibility • Liquid Chamber: Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P • Cover Plate: Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P • Gasket: CAF, PTFE, Graph oil, Other On request • Glass: Borosilicate Toughened of Indigenous – Temperature Range up to 125oC, Klinger / Maxos Make • Temperature Range Up to 400oC, other on request • Frost free arrangement on request. • 3000 mm length in a single piece. • In reflex level gauges, the glass has precision groves cut inner side and mainly used for colourless liquids. • Imported/indigenous glasses on request. | Reflex Level indicator in India | Reflex Level indicator in Indonesia | Reflex Level indicator in Dubai | Reflex Level indicator in Saudi Arabia | Reflex Level indicator in Singapore |

Float & Board Level Indicator Float devices use the buoyancy of a float to indicate the liquid level in the tank. The chain is attached to a counterweight which indicates the level as the float moves up and down. These types of devices are often found on atmospheric storage tanks in OEMS, Petroleum & Pharmacy Industry and the specific gravity of the fluid should be more than 0.6 like oil tanks, large Acid tanks and the storage tanks of storage tanks of Oil, Fire / DM water Alkalis, Acids furnace Oils, Lube Oil, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Glucose etc. Flowtech is the leading manufacturer of float & Board level indicators in India and supplies its products to not just all major states of India but many overseas countries as well. The float we design as per the specific gravity of the liquid, floating on the liquid levels. The float connected to a pointer through Rope via a Sets of Pulleys, The pointer slides over a CM marked Board, Installed Parallel to the tank. For more than 3 meter height of the tank, we provide two guide wires firmly anchored to the tank bottom. So that horizontal movement of the float is restricted. Salient Features of the Float & Board Level Indicators by Flowtech Are: • Flowtech float & Board level indicators are available in different materials S.S.304/S.S.316/P.P./Teflon etc. • Flowtech offers vapour Seal Type float & Board type level Gauge which is generally used for tanks having corrosive fumes/vapours OR N¬2 [Nitrogen] Purging tanks. • The float is connected to a magnetized counterweight moving in a sealed S.S. pipe & which drives a follower magnetized bicolour capsule inside a glass tube to indicate liquid level. • The pointer of the level indicator moves on a 150 mm width aluminium powder coated scale. • Vapours seals (Magnetic) for special applications like Hcl, N2 purged tank, dilute alkalis, dilute HNO3, NH3 Methanol, Benzene, Toluene, IPA etc. • In vapour seal, there are no sealing liquids so we get absolute vapour tightness. | Float & Board Level Indicator in India | Float & Board Level Indicator in Indonesia | Float & Board Level Indicator in Dubai | Float & Board Level Indicator in Saudi Arabia | Float & Board Level Indicator sin Singapore |

Tubular Level Indicator Heavy Duty Tubular Liquid Level Indicator is a simple & reliable device used for direct Reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank application. It has wide application for level measurement in process tanks, batching tanks, vessels etc. Flowtech is a Private Ltd. Co. Registered under Indian Companies Act 2013 with Experienced R & D Department, Large Product Line and Good Financial Position & TQM along with ERP system to ensure best in class products and services to it's not just domestic but International customers too. Flowtech Is a Leading Tubular Level Indicator Supplier Flowtech manufacture IS standardized tubular level indicator in all sizes from ½” to 3” and in the range of C/C 4 meters. Backed with expertise and profound knowledge in this field, we are counted among the foremost manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Tubular Level Indicator. We use PTFE (TEFLON) rope as packing to ensure full vacuum even at high pressure and Glass Tube (Borosilicate Boiler Quality) is fully protected with the box section or guard rods. We have also adopted ERP system for our Marketing, Stores & Purchase Department and Tally system for our Accounts & Finance Department. | Tubular Level Indicator in India | Tubular Level Indicator in Indonesia Tubular Level Indicator in Dubai | Tubular Level Indicator in Saudi Arabia | Tubular Level Indicator in Singapore |

By-Pass Rota meters Flowtech manufacture IS standardized By-pass Rota meter in various sizes up to 24” and 1000M3/Hr range which are suitable for flow rate measurement in 2'' NB or for higher pipe sizes. The instrument is simple in construction and reliable for flow rate indication. Also Flowtech has adopted best ERP solution to ensure flawless manufacturing and supplies to all major states of India and even overseas. The complete assembly consists of carrier rings/flanged taps, bypass line and a Rota meter as an indicator. The orifice plate dimension is based on BS/ISO- 5167 specification. Flowtech has Experienced R & D Department, Large Product Line and Good Financial Position & TQM along with ERP system to ensure best in class products and services to its not just domestic but International customers too. Flowtech manufacture most economical, low cost and easy to maintain rota meters engraved with all the standard features. We use various options for material of construction of wetted parts for tolerating extreme conditions. Two tone powders coated excellent finishing with thread less, leakage less, corrosion free heavy duty design. | By-Pass Rota meters in India | By-Pass Rota meters in Indonesia | By-Pass Rota meters in Dubai | By-Pass Rota meters in Saudi Arabia | By-Pass Rota meters in Singapore |

Glass Tube Rota meters “FLOWTECH” Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rota meters) are intended for general in-line and for By-Pass metering applications (i.e. for Gas & Liquid) where operating conditions are with the limitations of Glass metering tubes. It consists of a tapered tube, with a float inside that is pushed up by fluid flow and pulled down by gravity. The rota meters manufactured at Flowtech are ISO certified with the Single Piece (joint less) PTFE / PP claded end connections. For maximum durability various materials for construction like the enclosure of the rota meters is MS- Powder Coated, SS- Powder Coated or SS- Buffed and the glass used is Borosilicate and also it has thread less body making it complete corrosion free. We manufacture Glass Tube Rota meters in various sizes from ½” to 3” and with the range of 25M3/hr. Maximum visibility with high accuracy on a linear scale is one of the key features, accompanied with their Easy to maintain and Replace aspects which are suitable for on Line as well as By-Pass metering Installation. Flowtech Glass Tube Rota meters are adorned with the like Inductive Proximity Switch, Control unit, DIN Rail, Screwed fitting, Namur ABS housing, accepts the input of both 230 V AC/ 110 V AC and ability to be adjusted on Complete Span. Flowtech has Experienced R & D Department, Large Product Line and Good Financial Position & TQM along with ERP system to ensure best in class products and services to it’s not just domestic but International customers too. | Glass Tube Rota meters in India | Glass Tube Rota meters in Indonesia | Glass Tube Rota meters in Dubai | Glass Tube Rota meters in Saudi Arabia | Glass Tube Rota meters in Singapore |

Metal Tube Rota meters Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meters (Rota meters) are mainly applied when high pressure, temperature or corrosive conditions where the use of conventional glass tube is not possible. They are designed to measure flow rate of liquids, gases & steam under critical conditions. Flowtech Metal Tube Rota meters have Single Piece (Joint less) PTFE / PP Claded Body, the best material for maximum durability and thread less body to prevent corrosion. With the angular scale of high accuracy Flowtech provide Metal Tube Rota meters in various sizes from ½” to 4″ and 50 M³ / Hr range. Two-tone powder coated excellent finish and efficient design which ensure that float does not project out of the body. All the Metal tube Rota meters by Flowtech are ISO certified which is a trademark of our trait to not adjust with the quality of the products. Flowtech Metal Tube Rota meters are featured with Inductive Proximity Switch, Control unit, mounting by DIN Rail, Screwed fitting, Namur, ABS housing, accepts the input of both 230 V AC/ 110 V AC (-15% + 10%) and accuracy of Accuracy: +/- 2% Of Full Scale. | Metal Tube Rota meters in India | Metal Tube Rota meters in Indonesia Metal Tube Rota meters in Dubai | Metal Tube Rota meters in Saudi Arabia | Metal Tube Rota meters in Singapore |

Boiler Feed Water Meter Boiler feed water meter is designed for boiler feed water and cold make-up water monitoring applications. It allows a steam system operator to steam and condensate loop meters for the requirements of the expert field. The meter is suitable for process applications to recognize ways to reduce water consumption and can be used in the wider plant to meter slurry and other conductive liquids like wastewater. It provides accurate data on various aspects of boiler operation. Feed water meter is easy to install and economical. It has smooth internals that allows liquids to flow freely, decreasing pump wear and reduces operating costs. Boiler Feed Water Meter provides accurate and reliable data, allowing boiler operators to have real-time information. The meter can be sized to installed pipework for installing at the existing boiler plant. Boiler Feed Water Meter Features • High accuracy • Reliable performance • No rotating meter component • Wear and tear resistant • Wide reading capacity • Easy to install and operate Technical Specification For Boiler Feed Water Meter: • Line Size: 25 NB – 300 NB • Minimum conductivity: 5 Micro Siemens • Operation Pressure : 25 kg/cm2 • Operation temperature : 150oC • Electrode material: stainless steel 316/316L, Hastelloy C, and Tantalum • Size availability: 25 mm – 250 mm | Boiler Feed Water Meter in India | Boiler Feed Water Meter in Indonesia | Boiler Feed Water Meter in Dubai | Boiler Feed Water Meter in Saudi Arabia | Boiler Feed Water Meter in Singapore |

Digital Water Meter Digital Water Meter is suitable for an extreme range of liquid flow measurement in fact with very low conductivity. Water flow meter is designed to provide users with quick, accurate and stable volumetric flow control for water. The water controller uses an internally compensated, laminar differential pressure measurement technology that can handle wide flow range. It works on the principle of variable area, the fluid in the metal tube increase the float in the tapered tube increasing the area of fluid flow. The tube and float combination specifies the flowrate. The inner float magnetic field is identified by the highly sensitive magnetic field detections sensor. We supply the digital water flow meters in different specifications. It features direct magnetic transmission, high accuracy, and nominal maintenance. Digital Water Meter Features • Fit for high flow rate • Accurate water metering • Compatible with electrodes, liners and body materials • Dimensional stability • Easy to access front bleed ports for easy elimination of trapped air • Real time pressure readings • Tailored valve orifice Digital Water Meter Applications • Water treatment plant • Oil • Chemical Plants Digital Water Meter Technical Specification • Accuracy : ±5% of actual flow rate • Pulse and isolated 4 to 20 mA • Readings : 5000 to 10000 • Compatible with conductive liquids : Minimum 20 micro Siemens • 100 psig sensor • Working Pressure : ≤ 1MPa | Digital Water Meter in India | Digital Water Meter in Indonesia | Digital Water Meter in Dubai | Digital Water Meter in Saudi Arabia | Digital Water Meter in Singapore

Turbine Flow Meter Turbine flow meters are employed for both lower viscosity gases and liquids with turndown ratios from 7 to 30:1. The use of an appropriate zero drag electronic pick off in place of the standard magnetic tape is the reason behind achieving this extended range. The turbine experiences too much extra drag at low fluid velocities due to the standard magnetic tape. As a result, the rotational speed is slowed down. FLOWTECH is a pioneer in the manufacturing of Turbine Flow Meter since last 18 years and known for its high reliability and repeatable measurements under the most demanding conditions. Turbine flow meters by flowtech are IS certified and are quality assured. Applications Of Turbine Flow Meters Turbine flow meters find use in monitoring of clean liquid flows in chemical, petroleum and water industries. The custody transfer of hydrocarbons is one of the petroleum applications of turbine flow meters. In the water industry, turbine flow meters are used in distribution systems between and within water districts. Turbine flow meters are also employed in oil and gas, water and wastewater, gas utility, chemical, power, food and beverage, aerospace, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and pulp and paper. The Advantages Of Turbine Flow Meters Are Given Below: • Simple well understood technology • Suitable for gases and liquids • Good performance • Relatively wide operational envelope • Low cost • Easy to install and operate | Turbine Flow Meter in India | Turbine Flow Meter in Indonesia | Turbine Flow Meter in Dubai | Turbine Flow Meter in Saudi Arabia | Turbine Flow Meter in Singapore |

Digital Flow Meter This is working on the principle of Faraday's law which states that when a conductor moves through a magnetic field of a given strength a voltage is produced in the conductor and proportion to the relative velocity between the conductor and the magnetic field. Digital Flow Meter Has A Wide Range Of Application In Many Industries Like: • Petroleum Products • Acid & Alkaline Solutions • Edible Oil • Food Stuff • Liquids of high viscosity • Pains & Varnishes • Corrosive liquids • Chemicals • Effluents • water To accomplish our vision of providing its customers with the best quality of products at least cost Flowtech manufacturer Digital flow meters which are IS standardized and very cost friendly. Salient Features Of The Flowtech Digital Flow Meters: • Nominal diameter from 15mm to 400mm for a wide range of purposes. • The material of Construction used is like MS, SS 304, and SS 316 & SS 316L for maximum life and durability. • Accuracy : ± 1% FSD Optional: ±0.5% FSD • Protection Class for Sensor : IP 65 • Incline Flange Type of Installation • Cable Length for Remote : 10 meters • Repeatability : 0.3% • Power Supply : 230 VAC, 110 VAC & 24 VDC • Output: Std. 4 – 20 mA | Digital Flow Meter in India | Digital Flow Meter in Indonesia | Digital Flow Meter in Dubai | Digital Flow Meter in Saudi Arabia | Digital Flow Meter in Singapore |