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U-Tube Manometer U-Tube manometer is used for precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, and flow measurement in plants & labs where certain accuracy is required. Flowtech is the most reliable name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting industry in India and trade with many overseas countries also. We provide only IS Certified products and have adopted ERP solution to manage our Marketing, Stores & Purchase Department and Tally system for our Accounts & Finance Department. We manufacture U-type manometers for scientific laboratory, Chemical industries and Research centres of size ¼” Hose Nipple and of the range 1500 – 0 – 1500 mm. For highly durable and rugged design Flowtech use the best material for construction for industrial applications and as per customer specifications. U-Tube Manometer Features and Properties: • Packing: Teflon / Neoprene • Casing’s. /Aluminum Casing from three sides and aluminium cover with transparent acrylic front. • Metering Tube: Special uniform bare thick-walled borosilicate glass tube • Scale: Scale milky white PVC with Black Color Lining and figures • Painting: Industrial Grade painted / Powder coated Flowtech also avails Zero adjustment scale with Wall / Stand mounted. | U-Tube Manometer in India | U-Tube Manometer in Indonesia | U-Tube Manometer in Dubai | U-Tube Manometer in Saudi Arabia | U-Tube Manometer in Singapore |
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