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Transparent Level Indicator Apart from glass tube level gauges, transparent level indicators are always fitted with two plate transparent glasses between which the fluid is contained. The fluid level is indicated as the result of the different transparency of the two media and in some cases (for water& steam), by conveying upwards on to the surface of separation (between liquid and gaseous substances) a source of light located at the back of the gauge, the rays of which are totally reflected down to the observer. Transparent level indicators are highly useful in chemical industries and petrochemical fertilizers. As the fluid is stored in high pressure and high temperature, the transparent level indicator is very useful to find the fluid level. With the experience of about 2 decades flowtech manufacture best in class transparent level indicators for domestic as well as International market. All the products of the Flowtech are quality Standardized by ISO. • To avoid leakage in case of glass breakage, safety ball-check device can be provided in cross-fittings or shut-off valves. • For the best readings a source of light is located on the back of the gauge, the rays of which are totally reflected down to the observer. • Polytrifluorochloroethylene shields to protect the glass from the corrosive action of the process fluid. • Glass: Borosilicate Toughened of Indigenous – Temperature Range up to 125oC, Klinger / Maxos Make and Temperature Range Up to 400oC, other on request • Material of construction for Liquid Chamber and cover plate: Carbon Steel, S.S.304, S.S.304 (L), S.S.316, S.S.316 (L), P.P • Gasket : CAF , PTFE , Graph oil , Other On request • In transparent level gauge, the glasses are without groves and arranged at the front and rear of a slotted liquid chamber and mainly used for collared liquids. | Transparent Level indicator in India | Transparent Level indicator in Indonesia | Transparent Level Switch in Dubai | Transparent Level indicator in Saudi Arabia | Transparent Level indicator in Singapore |
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