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Side Mounted Level Switch Being compact in size they are employed in small tanks and equipment. These are specially designed to encapsulate permanent magnets inside them. They also traverse up/down or tilt outside or on one side of the sensor stem. Indicator system consists of bi-colour capsule which moves in glass tube inside the housing. Flowtech is the most reliable name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting industry in India and trade with many overseas countries also. We provide only IS Certified products and have adopted ERP solution to manage our Marketing, Stores & Purchase Department and Tally system for our Accounts & Finance Department. Flowtech manufacture wide range of side mounted level switches in all different industrial sizes from 1½" to 4" to control dry pump running/ solenoid valve for: • Scientific laboratory • Research centres • Chemical industries The Salient Features Of The Side Mounted Level Switches From Flowtech Include: • Ease in handling with compact design • Weatherproof (IP-65) or Flameproof to IIA, IIB as per CMRS, Dhanbad approved • As per customer demand, we also provide External cage and high temperature up to 350 degree • Rating: 5Amp@240V AC • Rugged body: best and most reliable material is used for manufacturing all parts like, o Float - S.S.316 or TITANIUM or TANTALUM o Flange: S.S.316 or C.S. with S.S. Lined Etc. o Switch Housing: Die Cast Aluminum, Weather Proof IP65 (Enclosure) (IS-2147) OR Flame Proof to IIA, IIB (IS-2148 CMRS Dhanbad Approved) • Load/Induction: Resistive/150 Mega ohms at 500 VDC • Minimum 50 NB flanged to any size. | Side Mounted Level Switch in India | Side Mounted Level Switch in Indonesia | Side Mounted Level Switch in Dubai | Side Mounted Level Switch in Saudi Arabia | Side Mounted Level Switch in Singapore |
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