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Effluent Water Flow Meter Effluent Water Flow Meter works on a Faraday principle that states when a conductor moves through a magnetic field, a potential difference is set up across the conductor and is in proportion to the relative velocity between the conductor and magnetic field. It is designed to measure the flow of current conductive liquids in closed pipelines where the magnetic flux permeates the whole cross-sectional area of the flowing liquids. Electromagnetic flow meters measure electromotive forces to measure liquid velocity and calculate the flow rate. They withstand wide temperature limits, pressures, viscosities and densities of the running liquid. Our flow meter has a compact design and is internationally appreciated for being lightweight. It enables easy operations and is available at reasonable price. It is highly demanded across the country. Effluent flow meter comprises of remote transmitter, compact or remote mounted dual display, flanges and power supply. Features • Light weight • Higher quality • Compact structure • Low cost • Easy to install • In-house calibration • Latest technology • Earth ring is not needed Applications • Science labs • Research hubs • Chemical plants • ETP • Waste water treatment • Sewage Treatment Technical Specifications • Diameter: 15mm to 400mm • Material: Mild steel, stainless steel grades 304, 316, 316L • Operation Pressure : 25 kg/cm2 • Operation Temperature : 150oC • Display : 2 Line Alfa Numeric LCD • Power supply : 110 VAC to 230 VAC | Effluent Water Flow Meter in India | Effluent Water Flow Meter in Indonesia | Effluent Water Flow Meter in Dubai | Effluent Water Flow Meter in Saudi Arabia | Effluent Water Flow Meter in Singapore |
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